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Beyond Curriculum
Frequent activities enable students to apply the learning in real life situations. Students are motivated to learn through projects and presentations.
Creative Explorations :
Art education’s objective is to reach the deeper layers of the human brain, heart and soul.
Studies show that strong art education programs have demonstrated increased student performance in other academic areas, due to art activities' exercising their brains' right hemispheres.

Art department is studded with gem of the teachers and room is equipped with every kind of art material and has an environment conducive to inculcate interest in learning. The display boards on the walls exhibit the brilliant work of the creative young minds.
Theatre :
At BPS, TIE has been applied to a wide range of educational topics with children, including environmental and social issues, substance use, bullying, nutrition, accident prevention etc. and majority of students demonstrate enjoyment and enthusiasm through participating/watching educational theatre, are receptive and listen attentively, and can correctly identify the educational messages being portrayed.
The theatre training begins with the very basic level in the form of scene enactment, role –play, skit, Mime, story dramatization, plays and culminates into extensive Ballets and Drama competitions and winning too.
Music :
While children come into the world ready to decode sounds and words, music education helps enhance those natural abilities. “Growing up in a musically rich environment is often advantageous for children’s language development” Luehrisen.

Music evokes spirituality and connects us with our real self. When a child plays a musical instrument he or she is developing key brain function that not only enhances musical learning but also academic and social skills. It nourishes the process of learning which includes:
Sensory integration
Critical thinking
Emotional maturity
Motor capacities
Improves memory and the ability to differentiate sounds and speech
The Music Department at BPS is an integral and effective part of its infrastructure and education system.
Vocal Music is taught under the guidance of experts. Children learn to appreciate and go on winning spree at Zonal levels in Kawwali, solo and group classical and folk music, and Patriotic song singing competitions.

It has well equipped practice room for Sitar, Guitar, Harmonium, Keyboard, Drums, Tabla and many other unconventional instruments.” It is headed by devoted and highly qualified Music teachers and is under direct supervision of the Principal, an ardent music lover.
Dancing is a celebration of unique spirituality.

The School encourages its students to appreciate and learn Indian classical dances like Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Oddissi and Western dance forms like ballet, salsa, jazz, latino, hip hop equally and helps them to
Get in touch with their own emotions
Unify body and mind, and push personal boundaries
Work through trauma or crisis and restore spiritual well-being
Deepen their relationships and strengthen community
Activities :
Fun Visits and Camps
‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’
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Workshops for students
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