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Campus Facilities:
Bharti Public School is a beautiful and welcoming building with all facilities for the benefit of the students. Its green spaces are a treat to the eyes. It boasts of a full-fledged infrastructure at various levels including well aerated, lighted and spacious classrooms, e-classrooms, Audio-visual halls, Sports, Transport, richly stocked Library, Science, Math, and Computer labs, Multimedia hub, staffrooms on every floor, cultural spaces like Amphitheatre and Auditorium etc. It follows all disaster management norms seriously and consciously.
Classrooms :
The classrooms are spacious, well lighted and airy. The furniture of each classroom in accordance with the age groups of students to facilitate teaching and learning.
Smart Classes:
A number of classrooms are equipped with Interactive Boards, Computers, Internet and Over Head Projectors to enhance teaching and help learners. All Pre Primary classrooms are fitted with modern technological teaching aids like computers, music systems and television monitors.
“Reading enlightens a man and it is his real wealth”
The large air conditioned library is located centrally in the school and is most visited place by students and the teachers equally. A wide range of books for the joy of reading, a very extensive reference section, major dailies and magazines, audio & video cassettes and CD ROMs, the latest novels, periodicals and journals (both national and international) help students utilize their time effectively and raise their level of knowledge and work on multi-dimensional projects.

With books depicting the life and times of renowned authors, it opens the doors of literature and deeply influences the young minds. Besides, it also introduces the students to the ideas of new authors, hence broadening their views on different issues. Whether it is Literature, Science, Fiction, Non-Fiction or GK, it is through the library that children are encouraged to explore the world of knowledge.
An experienced and an avid reader herself, the librarian is a true source of inspiration for the students to rush to see the new arrivals.
Computer Lab :
We live in an increasingly technology-based world in which computers are a focal point of everyday life.
The school has a spacious air conditioned computer lab having around 80 computers. Besides learning about computers the students are also trained to use the technology as a tool in the learning process. Students have access to the Internet under the supervision of the teachers. They are familiar with accessories like scanners, CD writers, printers and sharing of information through our in-house network. The School Staff also has constant access to computers & effectively uses it to enhance their own & the students learning and productivity.
Science Labs :
All laboratories are very large, beautifully designed, airy, well lighted, appropriately stocked with all needed instruments, equipped with full safety measures and are student friendly.
Clubs and Houses
Nature Club :
The club’s motto is ‘Let’s Make a Difference’. Active of the ‘Eco-Club’ carry out activities such as- paper recycling, Leaf Mulching, Maintain Kitchen Garden, Tree-Plantation, ‘’Rise for the Sparrows’ and Cleanliness Drives. The school received the certificate ‘Teens For Green’ owing to its environment friendly activities. Say no to drugs’ campaign, ‘The End Game for Tobacco’ conference, Youth Day (Mental Health Matters), Walk for Heath Campaign, Anti tobacco Day provide a platform to understand the social issues and learn the ways to address these. Students are also made conscious of the concept of ‘reduce, reuse and recycle,’ from an early age.
The school wholeheartedly participates in all activities initiated by P. M. Mr. Modi.
Providence Club :
It provides a platform to Economics and Business Studies students and their parents to get practical insight into the subjects. The school organizes various activities, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise competitions, seminars workshops, field trips, entrepreneurial activities etc. for the same.
Theatre Club :
A very sought after club run by expert teachers prepares children for stiff competitions and Summer Camps. TIE, ‘Theatre in Education’ is an overall promising strategy in effecting desired positive change in young people’s social and health-related knowledge, behaviour and attitudes.
Originality Club :
The creative expressions are discovered, recognized and sharpened here. Students are ever ready to learn calligraphy, paper folding, sketching, clay modelling, sculpting, stain glass painting, papier-mâché, fabric painting, candles, paper bags and flowers, folders making, fabric painting, tie and dye, Batik different techniques of art using varied innovative mediums and forms of art, the list is endless. If fine arts, applied/ commercial art are attracting them, the traditional and tribal art are their passion too, all thanks to the dedicated, talented and innovative teachers who are always willing to strive for excellence.
Heritage Club :
Students discuss and plan visits, drives and walks to appreciate our heritage and understand and spread the awareness to preserve it.
Yoga and Aerobics Club :
Cultural connectivity is established through yoga and spiritual singing by the whole school on daily basis. The students keen to learn advance yoga and aerobics enjoy the club activities.
Literary Club :
The club provides a great platform to strengthen the language skills and makes reading a fun filled experience for all. Intra-Class and Inter-House Competitions of Skit, Debate Quizzes, Story-telling, Dialogue-Writing and their delivery, Declamation, Extempore give our students ample opportunities to implement their learning in creative ways. Vocabulary exercises in the morning assembly are conducted on daily basis by the club members.
Culinary Club :
The cooking enthusiasts not only try out new, nutritious and hygienic dishes in this club but also learn to present them interestingly and according to the norms.
Science Club :
Students here learn and turn theoretical learning into practical application. Their expressions are in the form of simple but innovative working models.
The ‘Amphitheatre’ is the heart of the building and students put soul into it by their presentations during morning assemblies and other programs. It can seat around 500 students.
Multipurpose Activity Hall
Apart from open air amphitheatre, the school has a large air conditioned and artistically designed hall laced with all modern gadgets for holding cultural shows, presentations, seminars talks etc.
The lawns
Lush and green and aesthetically manicured front and back lawns are a soothing and welcoming sight. The school boasts of maximum variety of plants.
The Corridors
Roomy and high ceilinged corridors make to and fro walking around very comfortable. Their pastel walls are adorned with the most eye catching patterns of ‘Warli Art’, a handiwork of the students.
The Corridors
Reception arena is true to its name. The visitors are welcomed by well groomed receptionist. The domain is very aesthetically and informatively decorated and is adorned with very comfortable seating arrangement. It can accommodate a large number of people at a time.
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