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At BPS evaluation holds great significance as it is about students’ learning and growth. Teachers’ continuous feedback, approval and praise during the process of learning motivate students and help them analyse and improvise on their earlier trials. They develop confidence in their own ability while presenting their work. An encouraging self evaluation environment is created to make the students familiar with and aware of how they could improve their work which they go on drafting and redrafting in the editing stage. It is important that the knowledge that is delivered is used effectively by children as productive and responsible citizens of the society. Further it is crucial that the child is able to use the knowledge in comprehending, understanding, reasoning, applying, analyzing and evaluating real life situations.
Examination Policy
Evaluation leads to formal examination which gives us an insight into the understanding of how far we have achieved our stated objectives of teaching & learning at school. Keeping evaluation as a first step in mind, the School imbibes a 360 degree view of assessment at various levels.

The formal examination practices for evaluation are followed as below.
Class I to XI
The school follows a system of free progress for the students of classes Pre – School to III. There are no formal examinations in these classes. Regular worksheets are provided and the performance of the child in the classroom is evaluated under stress-free conditions over the year. Open ended questions are asked to minimize rote learning and reproducing answers. Students welcome examination with enthusiasm rather than finding it a fearful experience.

Child’s progress is graded and reported to the parents at the parent teacher interactive sessions held at regular intervals.

In an attempt to make education stress free, meaningful and enjoyable - our experience in this format of assessment has been very successful on all these counts.
Classes IV to X
The school follows the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation scheme for the students of classes IV to X, wherein the academic session is divided into two terms with one summative and two formative assessments in each term. Students are graded keeping in view their performance in scholastic and co-scholastic areas throughout the year. These include academic subjects that are taught as well as parameters like Life Skills, Value System etc.

According to CBSE, this scheme is a continuous process rather than an event, built into the total teaching-learning process and spread over the entire span of an academic session.
Classes XI & XII
The students of the senior most classes of XI and XII are evaluated through two cycle tests and term end & annual examinations. In addition to the above, the preparedness of the students of class XII for the Board Exams is tested through two Pre-Board Exams in the months of December and January.

During these two years, emphasis is laid on learning that is practical and directly useful as the students graduate into real world situations soon after. The Commerce students of the school are also assessed on their ability to grasp business and economics affairs read from the newspaper.
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