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International Links
By creating links with other Schools across the globe the school aims at making the children more aware of community and global issues, help students understand and appreciate differences, be sensitive to the global cultural diversity and behave responsibly.
The school has mbedded an International dimension in the School’s ethos through The British Council, and many other programs like National Geographic Project, Pen Pal Programs, On line Projects with many countries from different continents
British Council
The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations worldwide. It engages schools world over to nurture global citizenship in young people.
International School Award
The ISA is the British Council's accreditation scheme. Its aim is to encourage and support the students to develop an international ethos and a collaborative curriculum- based work with partner school/s so that the young people gain the cultural understanding and international skills.
A majority of students get impacted by the international work they do. Collaborative curriculum based year round work done with partner school covering numerous subjects helped students and teachers equally learn and apply incorporate new ideas in all spheres of schooling.
Various in house and on line projects and successful teacher exchange program helped the school achieve International School Award
The Principal, Mrs. Shalini Sabharwal receiving ‘The British Council International School Award’ Year 2013
The school has been participating in various activities run by the British Council :
> Commonwealth Street Play Competition
> Connecting classrooms
> Teacher Exchange Program
> Inter School Drama Competition
> Global Entrepreneurship Week Competition
School Enterprise Competition :
The school participates in “Teach a Man to Fish”, an organisation working with schools to set up school businesses, teaching students business and entrepreneurial skills. Providing a relevant education - that bridges the gap between school and work - means students leave school ready to get a good job or set up their own business, and reach their full potential in life.
Opportunity Education :
The School leaves no stone unturned to help teachers learn effective teaching methods and provide tools for quality instruction and assessment. “Opportunity Education” provides everything from learning materials, curricula and teachers' guides, the essential support that is critical to effective schooling. Through its Sister School Pen Pal Program, BPS is connected with teachers and students in USA, encouraging cultural awareness among students. Writing letters is an excellent opportunity to learn more than textbooks or even the internet can offer.
Online projects :
Through online projects like ‘Exploring Who We Are’, ‘Endangered Animal Species’, Peace and Harmony’, Literature, Art and Cuisines’, ‘Sports and Music’ whole school writes beautiful poems introducing themselves, acrostic poems on various themes ranging from books, mother, family, school, sports etc., makes posters on Indian culture, education system, traditions, clothes, calendars/albums on Indian cuisines, economy, food, marriage, cricket, perform dance and drama and popularize each other’s sports through playing them. They also learn a lot of ICT techniques.

Classes III to X are writing to students of schools in Italy, Turkey and Germany under E-Pal organization. This hones their writing skills and gives an insight to each other’s ways of learning.
A JOURNEY THROUGH TIME-A Project ‘Out of Eden Learn’
It is an initiative of Project Zero, a research center at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, in collaboration with Paul Salopek. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and National Geographic Fellow Paul Salopek is retracing on foot the global migration of our ancestors in a 21,000-mile, seven-year odyssey that begins in Ethiopia and ends in Tierra del Fuego.
Students at BPS have been sharing Paul’s walk in real time, reading the stories and sharing their thoughts about Paul’s long journey and in response getting his comments.
Through the project students explore their own neighbourhoods, investigate contemporary global connections, and reflect on how they as individuals fit into a broader geographical and historical context. In addition, they share their perspectives and interact with one another on an exciting digital platform that uses social media as a springboard for deep, meaningful learning. The goal is to ignite students’ interest in the wider world and support them to become more informed, thoughtful, and engaged “global citizens.”
Teachers, students Principal workshops
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